Planning Halloween Storage | Aggieland Storage

Published on 10/1/2019

Before you know it, it will be time to put away all of those Halloween decorations you just put up. All those lights and other decorations are cool and enjoyable but when it comes to packing them back up and storing them, they can leave you asking yourself, “Am I really trying to do this again next year?” Make life easier for yourself when packing and storing all those pesky decorations with these helpful tips.

No more detangling lights!

Hanging up lights can really test your patience. Usually, when you pull them back out after a year of them being in storage they manage to be a mangled mess. Well, let that happen no more! To prevent any lights molding together, use one of those large outside electric cord holders. If the cord holder is big enough you can just keep the lights plugged into one another and just keep winding them up, making life so much easier for next year.

Don’t get rid of that tissue paper

Keep any used tissue paper, doesn’t matter if it’s torn in a half or wrinkly! If you have any flat or breakable decorations wrap tissue paper around them. This will help protect them in storage until they’re brought back out again. If they’re breakable, wrap a couple of layers of tissue paper around them.

Protect your candles

Don’t just throw candles in a drawer and wait till next year to use them, this kind of storing habit can lead to broken candles. An easy way to store and protect candles is to use paper towel tubes. Wrap your candles in tissue paper and then use a paper towel tube as it’s very own storage container.

These are just a few tips that you can use when it comes to packing and storing items. Renting a storage unit for all of your holiday decorations can also save you space at your home. Make life easier for yourself by saving time and money while also not overcrowding your home with holiday storage. Aggieland Storage offers a variety of sizes along with options for climate controlled units. Contact Aggieland Storage today for more information!